Carbon taxes argued to be better than carbon markets

On March 30 I posted some links to articles which discussed the advantages and disadvantages of carbon taxes and carbon markets in reaching emissions targets. Here is an editorial comment from The Financial Times of London, arguing that a carbon tax is the better way to go. As would be expected with this source, there […]

Russia’s Gazprom bundles carbon credits

The Russian company Gazprom, one of the largest energy companies in the world, is developing an innovative sustainability approach to its products. It is offering bundled packages of natural gas and offsetting carbon credits. It has procured these credits by investing in a Brazilian biomass power plant, Propower do Brazil. Because the plant burns renewable […]

China puts action on climate change on hold

China’s national inquiry into climate change issued its report yesterday, and the results were not encouraging. While identifying clear risks to the country from climate change–including desertification, flooding, coastal inundation from sea-level rises, diseases, and so on–the report was unwilling to risk economic development in order to deal with climate change. Although China has signed […]

ATO pressed for carbon tax treatment guidelines.

The Australian Tax Office is coming under pressure to clarify the tax treatment of carbon emissions. It is being pointed out that emissions trading, now see as inevitable in Australia, will create new classes of assets and liabilities, and that there is no provision under the existing tax law for their treatment. Moreover, these issues […]