Global demographic pressures accelerate

Behind the world-wide concern over climate change sit two macro-demographic factors which are well-known but whose continuing and increasing impact is often forgotten: population growth, and urbanisation. The United Nations has just released new reports on world population which put the challenge in unmistakable terms. The current world population is about 6.5 billion, increasing by […]

Financing redwood conservation in California

My friend and colleague Suhit Anantula has brought to my attention an innovative approach to preserving redwood forests, reported in The San Francisco Chronicle. A company incorporated for the venture, the Redwood Forest Foundation Inc, secured full financing from the Bank of America to purchase a logged fir and redwood forest north of San Francisco. […]

Social marketing and domestic greenhouse behaviour

In recent years the potential value of applying professional marketing techniques to producing social and environmental behaviour change has been explored, largely in the US and Canada.  This initiative has given rise to the new discipline of social marketing, which has been defined as “the application of commercial marketing technologies to the analysis, planning, execution […]

Integrated sustainability management

Here’s an article I wrote for Ethical Investor on whole-of-business sustainability management.  The main thrust of the article is to point out that sustainability, as a business issue, has moved from the periphery–compliance and cost–to the centre: it is now a major strategic issue.  Sustainability factors now impact all parts of the business, including finance […]

Insurance, limited liability and climate change

The insurance sector has been one of the first business sectors to address the business challenge of climate change–obviously because the risks presented by climate change are direct and material to the sector. Here is a fine paper from UCLA and Standford on the issue. It focuses on limited liability risks to insurance providers, but, […]