New study on reducing emissions with coherent social policy

It’s often been assumed that a heavy carbon footprint is highly correlated with levels of national development. Moreover, it’s assumed that economic development is an essential part of building national well-being. The logical conclusions of such propositions is that national well-being must decline if carbon emissions are to be cut. Here is a most interesting […]

KPMG report finds climate change risk management inadequate

A recent KPMG survey of executives in large companies across the world has confirmed the findings of other recent surveys by PriceWaterhouse and Lehman Brothers: executive teams are significantly under-prepared for handling the risks associated with climate change. In fact, less than a quarter of these executives said that their companies had any plans at […]

Solar global warming hypothesis refuted

With ABC television about to show ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ (despite its being discredited by the protests of participants in it that their contributions had been manipulated) it’s worth noting a reasonably conclusive scientific refutation of it that was published this week. A central argument of TGGWS was that global warming, to the extent […]

Water pollution in China increasing and damaging

The decision of Chinese authorities in the eastern Jiangsu Province to cut off water supplies to 200,000 people because of unacceptably high levels of ammonia brings into focus the actutely polluted states of China’s rivers and lakes. China’s enormous economic growth has been built on unchecked industrial expansion, which is now showing up in the […]

UK research report dismantles nuclear power option

Here is a report from an Oxford research group analysing the policy option of nuclear power as a means of combatting global warming. The group presents some withering numbers which expose the nuclear option for the nonsense it is: for example, that to make any appreciable difference to global emissions, 3000 nuclear reactors would have […]