Kenneth Davidson on the Australian fuel price stoush

Kenneth Davidson is one of the finest Australian columnists now writing about sustainability and economics. Writing for The Age, Davidson’s contributions are models of public discourse: well-informed, well-argued and consistent in their determination to look clearly at environmental challenges, and to avoid simplistic responses. His column today is a case in point (link here). Here […]

Signs of the times on climate change and oil

It was reported today that the Group of Eight (US, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, Italy) environment ministers meeting in Kobe agreed on a target of 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, but couldn’t agree on any earlier target.  There was a general consensus that emissions needed to peak and start reducing over the […]

Australian Budget fails climate change

The recently installed Australian Labor government recently brought down its first Budget .  Having been elected on a platform of strong climate action, this Budget conspicuously avoids such action.  This is puzzling, since in other respect the investment in future generations is substantial. The climate change expenditure is, on the whole, uncoordinated and small.  There […]

Italy’s step back with nuclear energy

The Italian government has announced that it intends to resume the development of new nuclear power plants within five years. This comes two decades after a referendum comprehensively opposed nuclear power and forced the deactivation of all reactors in the country. The minister for economic development, Mr. Scajola, is reported as saying, “Only nuclear plants […]