Good news stories: Ocean sinks and UK investment

 It’s relatively rare these days to come across a positive climate change news item, but here are two. British scientists at the Cape Verde Observatory have found that greenhouse gases over the tropical Atlantic are decreasing, and at a faster rate than predicted by climate change models.  The team measured ozone and methane levels at […]

George Monbiot on small farms

George Monbiot is a regular columnist on science and sustainability affairs for ‘The Guardian’.  He is a well-informed, iconoclastic writer.  He doesn’t mince words and he stands on facts, however inconvient.  His book on climate change, ‘Heat’, published last year, is well worth reading–well researched, and written with engaging candour and panache.  His central thesis–that the […]

Reflections on climate change, global governance and equity

The greatest challenges of climate change are not, I believe, related to science and technology, although they are often put that way (see the recent report from UK and other scientists, reported in The Guardian, supporting carbon capture). They have to do rather with human societies and how we choose to live in them across the international community. […]

Local government business and climate change

I delivered a paper to the “2008 Beyond Carbon: Local Government Climate Change Summit” in Adelaide on June 5, 2008.  The title of my presentation was”Conducting council business under radical uncertainty.”  ‘Radical uncertainty’ is not a flight of rhetoric, but a technical term from uncertainty and decision analysis which refers to situations where you don’t […]