The ETS Green Paper

There weren’t, unfortunately, too many surprises in the Green Paper on the Emissions Trading Scheme released by the Australian government yesterday.  It is a limp response to climate change, and likely to be ineffective in actually reducing emissions.  As canvassed in earlier posts, among its key design deficiencies are: 1.  The use of excise tax […]

Climate test for the Australian Government

The Australian Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Green Paper is due to be released tomorrow (Wednesday).  It represents a critical test of the government’s credibility and willingness to govern for the whole community, present and future. It’s important to remember that an ETS is not a comprehensive response to climate change, although it’s being portrayed as […]

Garnaut and after

The Garnaut Climate Change Review, released this week, is a responsible and measured analysis of the implications of climate change for Australia and policy options available to it.  Most of the best-regarded economic and policy elements are there: an emissions trading scheme, with initial permits sold to emitters; the allocation of this income (the ‘double […]