Sustainable business articles & news January 2011 The tradeoffs between bushfire protection and conservation biology Peter Singer looks at the legacy of the baby boomers US EPA begins to implement emissions legislation The effects of climate change on India’s crops and rural poor are complex and wide Reversing China’s desertification is a daunting challenge Modern nicotinoid pesticides are linked to bee deaths and other environmental damage Industrial pollution emerging more frequently in rural China Newly-elected governor of New Mexico reverses emissions control legislation Dupont settles zinc smelter pollution claim Impacts of glacier shrinkage in the Alps and New Zealand Questions about clean coal Farmers vs the EPA over Chesapeake regulation–a-special-report-by-johann-hari-850938.html On present evidence the long-term outlook for Bangladesh is grim 2010 world climate summary Tony Judt’s excellent lecture on the history social democratic values and modern public discourse A sobering but important look at the commercialisation of microcredit The combination of oil, climate and food BP and Rosneft agree to explore the Kara Sea, north of Siberia Carbon credit mechanisms are not supporting environmental quality Scientific evidence for the greater health benefits of organic as against conventional milk The complexities of green consumerism across the product life-cycle Green labels: Carbon labelling and WindMade Apple’s sustainability record in question Research on the effect of nicotinoid pesticides on bees World food and population projections Biodiversity impacts of climate change The serious health impacts of cooking stoves in poor homes–and-the-world-2192372.html The environmental consequences of China’s economic boom The debate on GM in the UK intensified by a new government-commissioned report A landmark case in indigenous people’s rights, upheld against the Botswana government and diamond mining interests.

Sustainable business news stories December 2010

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