Sustainable business news & articles May 2011 Evidence of negative work practices by Apple Inc in China. California is preparing to implement a carbon market in eight months Quantified impacts of climate change on global food production. The melting of the Artic is creating a race for extracting its resources. US Supreme Court judgement decides against class action. US National Research Council points to urgency of action on climate change. A guide to US endangered species, by regions. Implications for global business of carbon pricing are beginning to emerge in the airline industry. Terms of the UK green investment bank announced. The City of Chicago is taking infrastructure action on climate change. A proposal for a carbon tax on end products rather than on producers. Brazil relaxes protection of Amazon forests. A wide spectrum of medical views on the health impacts vs equity impacts of climate change. A useful review of the economic case for Australia acting positively on climate change. Increasing concerns on fracking impacts. Extraordinary finding of Antarctic biodiversity. Finland’s educational system producing remarkable achievements. New MDB modelling, with lower environmental flow recommendations, challenged. Encouraging advances in solar technology and pricing. Environmental issues with the Olympic Dam desalination plant in Spencer Gulf.