Sustainable business news & articles June 2011 Record rise in emissions puts 2 degree rise in question. Fracking halted in the UK due to earth tremors. Oxfam analysts warn of the global food system breaking down. London using the Olympics projects to leave a legacy of a low-carbon economy. World health study on cell phones confirms health risks. Problematic performance of carbon trading markets. The UK National Assessment of ecosystem services. China’s extravagant and risky river diversions from south to north. China improves energy efficiency but faces real challenges on emissions improvements. Huge international land purchases in the upper Nile threaten Egypt’s stability. Mapping climate change risk for poor populations. An unprecedented deal between Rio Tinto and traditional owners. Growth in India’s organic agriculture. Encouraging trends in global forests.

full article here: An interesting UK report, with summary document, which presents the possibility of a zero carbon based economy–here based largely on floating offshore windfarm technology. Germany’s nuclear phase-out. Arkansas farmer class actions against BHP over oil shale fracking. Clever computing advances in UK prehistory. UK’s biodiversity plan, including conservation areas connected across landscapes. Options for Beijing in handling large local government debt. A paradoxical effect of sulphur pollution in maintaining the aerosol shield and reducing global warming. Solar cooling technology promises to reduce peak load. The realities of peak oil. Gunns on the brink. New data informs planning for sea-level rise. Climate change risks to coastal buildings and infrastructure. Ross Gittins on the markers and scale of social exclusion in Australia. Paleo-eocene data emphasises climate change risk. Commentary on the Productivity Commission’s analysis of costs associated with action on climate change. Drought battles for water in the lower Colorado River, Texas, between farmers, residents and industry. An evaluation of the first year of the NZ ETS. New report on world’s ocean presents a stark picture. An important US Supreme Court ruling on the Wal-Mart class action case on gender discrimination. US Supreme Court upholds the role of regulators, rather than the courts, in controlling emissions. The NYT editorial on the judgement–a positive view of the outcome. 20-year decline in US crime rate. An event to mark: US mobile phone app use surpasses desktop and mobile phone web online use–the main driver is games. Climate change driving changes in the marine ecology of the North Atlantic and Baltic. Shrinking habitat threat to platypus. Unexplained increase in UK native salmon numbers. Questions about inflation of natural gas estimates. California carbon market back on track after course judgement. EPA urban waterways regeneration plan. Lessons being learned from challenges in the EU ETS. Underground water controls in China. Digital management of the Yellow River a wonder, but overexploitation goes on.

Jonathan Watts reports on the China and environment–his articles are extraordinarily informative and well researched, and bring us some of the most important views of China in the world.