Sustainable business news and articles September 2011 The environmental fallout from genetically modified soybean. Sophisticated ancient tools in Kenya. The US administration’s record on the environment is dismal. Documenting Greenland glacier melt. UNEP study on agriculture and environmental services. Ray Anderson obituary. The Coral Sea as a biodiversity hot-spot. An encouraging Australian survey on attitudes to renewables. Michael Jacobs on green growth. Australia improving as an investor in renewables. Discovery of river under the Amazon. The jobs vs the environment debate. The windfarm debate. David Campbell on the decline of Australian poetry. The state of climate modelling. Encouraging developments in the Australian solar industry. Aboriginal elders taking on animal rights, as well as land rights. African hominin find 2m years old. Google’s carbon footprint. China’s forward looking energy policy. Land-sparing vs land-sharing approaches to food and biodiversity. An interesting meta-analysis reveals widespread statistical incompetence in research papers. Natural gas not the panacea it’s said to be. China and the policies of pollution. Chomsky on the responsibility of intellectuals–with a mixed response. Broad ranging mental health impacts of climate change in rural areas. Tracking the complex evolution of Gunn’s. David Lindenmayer on Australia’s old-growth forest policies. E-waste problem growing internationally. UK conservation agencies muzzled. Large companies moving on climate change. US targeting shale oil. A Chinese green GDP index. Dark matter simulations don’t predict observable dwarf galaxy data. Implications for global heat budget of recent simulations. The story of the bristlecone pine, with the modern climate shift showing up. Genome research raises new questions of ethics. US companies moving on climate change. Off-shore wind.



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