Sustainable business news and articles October 2011  Mapping ice retreat.  Further documentation of Arctic ice retreat, in Canada.  Exxon supports a carbon tax, vs ETS.  An intelligent commentary on racism and free speech.  Fuji Xerox’s CSR successes.  Climate change and worldwide forest decline.  More evidence of illegal activities by Shell in Nigeria.  EU question land use impacts of biodiesel.  Reasons to support the homelands.  Wild horse challenges in the central plains of the US reflect similar issues to those in the Australia high country.  Sainsbury’s sustainability plan.  Woakwine wind-farm on hold.  Clive Hamilton on democracy, science and climate change.  Evidence of paint workshop in Africa 100,000 years ago.  Discovering rare plants.  Evidence both contemporary and fossil record for diminution in some species’ size with global warming.  Oldest microfossils in the Pilbara.  Projected climate change migration.  Migration report  Global natural resource budget exhausted.  An interesting extended article on Japan’s effective carbon practice.  Challenges to China’s groundwater quality.  California’s emissions cap-and-trade system is regulated into law.  Interesting article on the views of Gulf nations on climate change—a rare perspective.  Useful survey of climate change risk in Asian and African megacities.  Carbon budgets for US rivers and streams.  Opening up online education.  Amory Lovins on renewables as the inevitable replacement for fossil fuels.  A critique of CSG environmental modelling.  Queenslands renewable energy and solar mapping  initiatives.

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