Sustainable business news & articles November 2011  A challenging view of CSR.  David Lynch interview.  Data limitations on wind-farm projects.  Climate change a species size variations.  Water releases and river ecology.  Germany achieves 20% renewable power by subsidising solar.  Australian biodiversity hotspot no. 2: eastern forests.  Rapid rise in GHG in 2010.  Massive urbanisation in China.  Off-reserve conservation.  IEA energy scenarios.  Idea of a national humanities press for Australia.  The bottle house in Nigeria.  Weather-indexed insurance for Southeast Asia.  Inner-city food production.  Sustainable Shipping Initiative. The case for indigenous education.  The collapse of the Colorado River. Impact of EPA regulations on coal-fired US plants.  Spain introduces net metering for power plants to encourage distributed development of smaller plants.  No reduction in greenhouse gases. The Australia Institute’s paper on the mining industry.  China’s pre-conference call on climate change.  Biodiversity offsets.  Report forecasts over 30% EU energy from wind by 2020.  PNG turns to traditional knowledge to combat climate change.  Comprehensive historical study of arctic melting and its effects.  Study documents inaccuracies of CSR reports.  Private management of Borneo forests advocated.


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