Sustainable business news & articles: January 2012   Deficiencies in US conservation.  An excellent piece by John Quiggin on global energy developments.  The Tibetan eco-security projects 2011-2015.  Important study of Australian estuaries as declining carbon sinks over the past 60 years.  Threats to China’s largest freshwater lake.  An unusual win for Chinese local residents over water diversions; issues of water governance are emerging.  David Suzuki’s last lecture.  Valuing green urban spaces: a UK study.  The rise of commercial urban farming.  Documenting biodiversity.  New data on the effect of Aboriginal land management by fire on the regional climate system.  Evaluating the climate impact of India’s informal economy.  US new coastal plan based on ecosystem-based management.  Apple’s supply chain audit.  Continuing collapse of US bee colonies and research findings on insecticides.  The simple truth of global emissions.  Agriculture and climate change: an overlooked priority.  major UK report on agriculture and climate change.  BP’s take on the energy future (compare John Quiggin).  An interesting private approach to registering and handling carbon credits.  A thorough analysis of Apple’s international outsourcing.  An interesting analysis of small-business visions.  Wind and solar subsidy policy in the US.  Losing and restoring the Mississippi delta.  Review of the NE US Regional Initiative in carbon trading indicates positive outcomes.  An important critique on the impact of pressure to publish on good science.  An interesting discussion of the contrasting approaches to innovation adopted by Google and Apple.  The economic, health and environmental values of urban trees.


Sustainable business news and articles December 2011  CSIRO modelling for the MDB.  Annual Sustainability Executive Survey 2012: employee engagement and supplier’s sustainability credentials as the main focus.  International coal financing and social costs.  Projected climate change impacts on Africa.  UK progress on emissions reduction is meeting targets, but with nuclear firmly in the mix.  Walmart and Tesco in India: allowed to move from wholesale to retail.  Increase in global emissions.  Social unrest presenting challenges to China. Emerging research confirms the scale and pace of climate change.  Emergence of problems in accounting for climate-related aid. Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation REDD+. IEA develops 2060 scenario based on solar power.  Buffett moves into solar.  Protecting the Catskills as the NYC watershed.  The other half of humanitarian aid: repair and maintenance. EPA links fracking and deteriorating water quality.  Enterprise Sustainability Management Systems: capturing sustainability performance. Sunshine Coast community water proposal.  Local focus of US environmental movement.  Sweden’s clean-tech services to China. Methane science.  Changes in Australian housing: the loss of the backyard. Contradictions in corporate green rankings.  An environmental flow offer from flood-plain graziers.  Emerging data on UK woodland sales.  Judith Ajani on forest policy and bio-energy.  Effects of climate change and human activity on China’s largest desert lake.  Germany’s renewable energy plans and actions.  Amartya Sen on global justice.