Sustainable business news & articles February 2012   The ongoing debate on China’s carbon tax, sparked by a combative article in the Wall Street Journal.   An excellent article on the success of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) schemes in Costa Rica and China.   An excellent piece on biodiversity policy and spending in Australia.  Important international data on the effectiveness of restoration of wetlands, in terms of carbon fixation and of biodiversity.  New US forest planning rules are directed to conservation and restoration.  An important US milestone incorporating climate risk into business forecasts.  Penetrating analysis of distribution issues in REDD+ payments.  The Vietnamese approach to community engagement in forest management.  A piece on the intriguing Brazil law that mandates the teaching of philosophy in schools.  Complexities in coral reef trends emerging from Indian Ocean research.  The emerging carbon industry.  The developing story on Apple and human rights in China.  An excellent article on Australia vs Finland education.  Acting on high-impact, short-lived emissions.  ADB study of emissions in the Asia Pacific ADB published report  The argument for sustainable logging in SE Asia.  Quiggin on CSG: the complexities of analysis.  Signs of the times:  sustainability education being offered by business.  Principled capitalism in early Quaker businesses.  Emerging transformation in world energy patterns.  International developments in biodiversity and policy integration.