Sustainable business news & articles May 2012

Lean entrepreneurship in the online age: 

 The ecological and carbon impact of palm oil plantations in Indonesia:

Polar bear swimming distances study:

The rise of alternative education in Australia:

Coming into the country:

Dingoes impacts on Thylacines:

Asian economic growth is increasing inequality:

A sustainability challenge: increasing efficiency increases consumption:

Leading the way on climate change legal framework in the Philippines:

Unexpected impacts of groundwater extraction on sea-level rise:

The Living Planet Report 2012 is mandatory reading, documenting the current precarious state of global environmental systems:

Australia high on the list of national polluters:

Robust study of climate change in the Australian region over the past 1000 years:

Dangers of supply chains: pig iron out of Brazil to American carmakers:

A growing arc of hydro-insecurity in Asia:

 Global groundwater pumping raising sea-levels and exhausting aquifers:

Huge investment by China 2011-2015 in renewables and green sector generally:

American investment in renewables is diverse and substantial:

Community-led enumeration in shanty towns:

Latest IEA emissions report: the good and bad of it:


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