‘Fractured Workplace’ Open Book Project

This is an open book project, and my commitment to collaborative development is real and central to the project.  I welcome input and look forward to engaging with it, to produce a book which is genuinely the outcome of a ‘community of practice’ development. The following points present the way in which this collaborative work will proceed.

The output of the development process will be an online book.  It will identify me as the primary author/facilitator of the project, and it will also recognise all material individual contributions to it.  The book will be published under a Creative Commons license which allows others to download the book and share it with others as long as they credit the author(s), but they can’t modify the book in any way or use it commercially (see the ‘human readable’ version of the license at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/).

The current plan is to make the book easily available through online book stores as a $1 download.  It will also be available as a PDF download from the website.  There are no plans at present to do a print edition: the intention is that all the development and distribution will be done online.

My commitment is that all material contributions to the final text of the book will be individually acknowledged in the final product.  Those contributions could relate to any part of the book’s production, including concept development, drafted sections, material text edits, provision of further reading/references, and so on.

All comments and input will be made via the ‘Comment’ field.  For example, if you have an idea, or a suggested block of text, or suggested references or suggested further reading, you enter it in the Comment field.  If you have a suggested edit to existing text, you copy and paste the existing text into the Comment field, and enter your recommended new text or comments below it.  All discussion about the book will be open and transparent on the website, to which there is public access.

As the primary author/facilitator I will make the call on what suggestions are adopted in the text, and what contributions to the final text are regarded as material.  I will make those decisions public on the website.

All comments and suggestions will be moderated prior to posting, to ensure that they are genuine and appropriate.  Guidelines on appropriateness are posted separately.

‘Fractured Workplace’ Open Book Project

Creative Commons Licence
The Fractured Workplace And Its Remedies by Geoffrey Wells is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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