Sustainable business news July-August 2012

The commercialization of organic food:

Elinor Ostrom’s contribution to the economics of real world collaboration:

US Supreme Court upholds the power of the EPA to regulate carbon emissions:

New York urban agriculture:

Ethics on Wall Street survey:

Open access academic publishing on UK government-funded projects:

Threats to iconic US public lands:

Macroeconomic theory and its microfoundations:

UK sustainable development indicators:

Some incisive comments about making the Millenium Goals real:

New evidence on extreme events:

Climate realities need to be faced: 

A perverse outcome of carbon credits and coolants:

Competition among food, feed, fuel:

The new economic thinking movement:

Some interesting views on management and leadership:

The long-term drought forecast and its consequences:

Reduction in US carbon emissions:

US farmers sceptical of climate change:

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