Sustainable business news September 2012

Drought and water shortages in India:

Financial fragmentation in Europe: 

China’s slowdown data:

The US surge scenario:

Environmental/Social/Governance investing in Exchange-Traded Funds:

Climate change and public health:

African farmers adapting to climate change:

Climate change and food supply:

Accounting for the success of the Montreal Protocol:

Steve Keen’s excellent article on iron ore prices and the Hog Cycle:

An authoritative report on the Himalayan glaciers under climate change:

Reluctance of large companies to act on carbon emissions:

Legal precedent in NZ river status:

Japan confirms move into renewables:

The record Arctic ice melt:

The landscape ecology of nature reserves:

Online retailing common sense:

Reconstructing the Danube-Black Sea ecosystem:

The social cost of carbon emissions:

Reconstructing an historical woodland landscape:

Repowering Port Augusta around solar power:

A real history of computing:

US president green rankings:

Sustainability ratings upgrading:

The Internet, data centres, energy and pollution:

The dangers of drilling in the Arctic recognised by oil company:

New global climate change impact projections: the DARA report:

An analysis of the Gunns failure–a failure to respect process:

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