Banks and greenwash

All four major Australian banks make strong claims to sustainable status. The ANZ Bank claims carbon-neutrality. At the same time it is happy to fund enormous coal projects if they are approved by governments. This myopia, which quarantines sustainability to its internal operations, and leaves its investment and loan portfolios on business as usual terms, is unacceptable. Shareholders are taking notice and voicing their concern, as reported here.

Crowd-sourcing investment model for funding renewables

Here is a NYT report on the company Mosaic which uses an online platform to match investors to investment projects in solar technology.  It takes a fee for each investment placed.  Although in its early stages, the model has attracted support, and is generating above average returns for investors.  Its model is similar to well-established crowd-sourcing funding sites such as Kickstarter, whose value proposition is to bring investors into a direct relationship with specific projects for which they have specific personal interest.

The loneliness of the long-distance CEO

Here is a report on a recent study of CEO health and well-being.  Unsurprisingly it finds that most CEO’s, particularly of major corporations, feel isolated, under intolerable strain, under constant scrutiny, and unsupported.  They are likely to become inward looking, to stop listening to the external world, and hence to focus on their own ambition and needs. Continue reading