Sustainability and sustainable business news January 2013

World’s oldest fossil microbes in the Pilbara:

Serious uncertainties on rate of ice melt:

Pacific bluefin tuna in trouble:

Ian Lowe on the planetary future:–just-like-climate-scientists-said-it-would-20130113-2cnej.html?rand=1358081216526

Social choices in Texas drought:

Research on the costs of climate delay:–the-3trn-cost-of-climate-delay-8449863.html

Bill McKibben’s comment:

The rise of Andes quinoa farming and its consequences:

The decline of public housing in Australia:

A leadership gene?

Organic food worldwide: research and potential

Problems with the design and siting of Australia’s marine parks:

China’s ETS on track for 2015:

Stiglitz on US inequality: a good analysis of the bigger economic picture:

Perception and land use change in SE Australia:

New versions of greenwash:

Continuing child labour issues in Apple’s supply chain:

Nicholas Stern updates his evaluation of climate change–more urgently:

Nano-particles and medical research:

Effects of Yangtze dams: biodiversity and people

Trading the environment for growth:

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