US shareholder pressure on climate risks

A significant increase in the number of shareholder resolutions at annual meetings has been reported here.  It’s noteworthy that among these resolutions are some of the largest US pension funds.  It’s long been the case that pension funds (in Australia, superfunds) with vast funds at their disposal for investment, are exposed to unrecognised and unquantified […]

Methane debates in forecasts of climate change impact and costs

As we know, the scientific modelling and forecasting of climate change is very complex.  It could hardly be anything else, given the size, complexity, volatility, interconnectedness, non-linear behaviour, feedback loops, and threshold behaviour of the global climate systems.

Japanese insurance companies in community-based environmental scheme

Here is an interesting story concerning two Japanese insurance companies, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Nipponkoa Insurance Co., which are building sustainability initiatives into their core business.  Under their new offering, it is possible for customers to select an insurance options which trigger contributions from the insurance companies to fund community-based, participatory actions in biodiversity […]

Re-greening approaches to farming in Africa through trees

Here is an account of an indigenous approach to sustainable farming in West Africa.  It seems to have emerged on farms there spontaneously, and to have spread by word of mouth.  The centre of the approach is a recognition of the value of protecting and promoting young trees by farmers on their own land.  The […]