Publication of ‘The Fractured Workplace And Its Remedies’ eBook

I have edited all the work done on this blog on the open ‘Fractured Workplace’ into a final version, which has now been published on the major online book sites. You can find it on Amazon, Kobo and other sites.My thanks to all who put up comments and insights in the making of the book: these made the whole project richer and even more relevant.  Your contributions have been recognised in the book by name.

This is really the first edition of the book.  Already I’ve had ideas on topics to extend it, and some of you have offered further comments and ideas.  In addition, things are changing in the workplace under new government policies and industry practice, trends which we want to track.  So I’m sure there will be a second edition of the book before too long.  As I said before, an open book is never closed!

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