‘Fractured Workplace’ Chapter 3: Purposes of the organisation–beyond function to people

In 1886 the founder of the Chesapeake Dry Dock and Construction Company, Collis P. Huntington, gave what he called a ‘motto’ to his new venture: “We shall build good ships here. At a profit—if we can. At a loss—if we must, but always good ships.” To most people this is an immediately attractive statement; and it’s worth thinking about why that should be.

The Fractured Workplace And Its Remedies: Chapter 2

2. The standard model of work: a clinical diagnosis

The way in which work itself is understood and organized will, for better or worse, largely determine the human character of the workplace. In this chapter I will argue that the model of work that dominates modern workplaces is a vestigial oddity, now over a century old, that is incapable of meeting the demands of modern life, is wasteful of human capabilities, and is damaging to human well-being.

The Fractured Workplace And Its Remedies: Procedures for collaboration, licensing & publishing

This is an open book project, and my commitment to collaborative development is real and central to the project.  I welcome input and look forward to engaging with it, to produce a book which is genuinely the outcome of a ‘community of practice’ development. The following points present the way in which this collaborative work […]

The Fractured Workplace And Its Remedies: C-Map

Here is the C-Map I developed to begin this project. If you click on it, you’ll get it full screen size.  As you can see, it maps out the main ideas, concepts and relationships of the book, in a general way,at the current point in its development.  C-Map is a great (free) tool for this […]