Cost of renewables now forecast to be comparable to fossil fuels

Here is an important piece of analysis from the Australian Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics (BREE).  It looks at the different components that determine the cost of 40 different forms of market-ready energy in a way that allows a direct forecast comparison between them for the year 2030.

The Australian Consultant Journal Autumn 2013: my open book publishing piece

Here is a piece I wrote for the The Australian Consultant Journal, Autumn 2013, on “Open Book Publishing.”  It is based on the experience of writing my open book, “The Fractured Workplace And Its Remedies” on this website.  The piece has attracted considerable interest–as is to be expected in an environment of rapidly expanding online […]

‘Fractured Workplace’ Chapter 7: Leading In Healthy Organizations

Chapter 7  Leading in healthy organizations  Leadership, as a sub-discipline, is probably beset by more fads and fashions than any other academic arena of management.  Over decades it has thrown up numerous schools, each with their own theory and research.  Little of it is convincing.

Sustainable business news and articles September 2011 The environmental fallout from genetically modified soybean. Sophisticated ancient tools in Kenya. The US administration’s record on the environment is dismal. Documenting Greenland glacier melt. UNEP study on agriculture and environmental services. Ray Anderson obituary. The Coral Sea as a […]