Sustainable business news & articles May 2012

Lean entrepreneurship in the online age: 

 The ecological and carbon impact of palm oil plantations in Indonesia:

Polar bear swimming distances study:

The rise of alternative education in Australia:

Coming into the country:

Dingoes impacts on Thylacines:

Asian economic growth is increasing inequality:

A sustainability challenge: increasing efficiency increases consumption:

Leading the way on climate change legal framework in the Philippines:

Unexpected impacts of groundwater extraction on sea-level rise:

The Living Planet Report 2012 is mandatory reading, documenting the current precarious state of global environmental systems:

Australia high on the list of national polluters:

Robust study of climate change in the Australian region over the past 1000 years:

Dangers of supply chains: pig iron out of Brazil to American carmakers:

A growing arc of hydro-insecurity in Asia:

 Global groundwater pumping raising sea-levels and exhausting aquifers:

Huge investment by China 2011-2015 in renewables and green sector generally:

American investment in renewables is diverse and substantial:

Community-led enumeration in shanty towns:

Latest IEA emissions report: the good and bad of it:


Sustainable business news & articles April 2012 Uranium mines on indigenous land in the US.   Step-wise change may indicate more rapid base-line effects on rainfall and temperature in SE Australia.   Apple’s new CEO putting attention on the supply chain and on labour conditions in China.  A landmark case on indigenous rights and mining before the Indian Supreme Court.  Water politics in the Middle East.   The case for sustainable banking.   Good news for the Reef.   Unusual weather patterns persist in the UK summer. UK drought and climate change.   Allegations of Walmart’s systematic bribery in Mexico.  An interesting initiative in sustainable supermarket business. Analysing Apple’s margins from a sustainable business perspective.  On Wendell Berry.  Wendell Berry’s 2012 Jefferson Lecture  An informed view of Australia’s forest cover.  a US-based assessment of sustainable business performance, from EIRIS



Comment on the MDBA ‘consultation’ process

I have posted a comment on Crikey’s piece, “Not a match in sight at the final round of MDBA meetings”.  I am very critical of the MDBA’s community engagement process, as outlined in this comment.

Sustainable business news & articles March 2012[AadEsa,1]  New plan for California central value restoration.,0,5831589.story But Congress votes to undo it, and two decades of water reform.  A review of Michael Harrington’s work and influence, 50 years after ‘The Other America’. Important research on Mediterranean reef ecosystems.  An interesting take on environmental standards and strategic competitiveness in manufacturing.  Putting the carbon tax to work: wildlife corridors.  Debate over water in an Arizona mine proposal.  UN’s new voluntary guidelines on the tenure of land.  Significant changes in UK planning legislation.  Some contemporary views of healthy city design.