‘Fractured Workplace’ Chapter 8: The sustainable organisation as a working community

Chapter 8  The sustainable organisation as a working community Throughout this book I’ve been arguing that the organisation, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, is as much about its people as it is about its work or (in the case of firms) about its financial outcomes.  There have been two main themes:

‘Fractured Workplace’ Chapter 6: Performing Seals

Chapter 6  Performing seals   Working up against the wall Nothing is more emblematic of modern management theory and practice than the term ‘performance’. It has a ring about it: it seems to promise that there exists a methodical approach to managing work which carries a guarantee of success.  Furthermore, it tightens the focus of […]

‘Fractured Workplace’ Chapter 4: Participation and consultation–token and real

For all their rhetoric, firms are rarely participative or consultative: the dominant practice of modern management is unambiguously directive, from the top down. That is true at every scale of the organization, from CEO to executive, from the executive group to other employees, from business unit heads to business unit employees, from supervisors to the supervised.