UniSA Business Magazine: sustainable business book article

The May 2013 edition of UniSA Business Magazine carries a feature, “Sustainability: does it all add up?” about my edited book, Sustainable Business: Theory and Practice of Business Under Sustainability Principles, published earlier this year.  In the article I summarise the main ideas of sustainable business.  Other contributions to the feature come from other authors […]

Publication: “Sustainable Business: Theory and Practice of Business Under Sustainability Principles”

I have edited a book in sustainable business, entitled “Sustainable Business: Theory and Practice of Business Under Sustainability Principles”, which has recently been published by Edward Elgar, the well-credentialled UK publishers in business, law and associated disciplines.

‘Fractured Workplace’ Chapter 3: Purposes of the organisation–beyond function to people

In 1886 the founder of the Chesapeake Dry Dock and Construction Company, Collis P. Huntington, gave what he called a ‘motto’ to his new venture: “We shall build good ships here. At a profit—if we can. At a loss—if we must, but always good ships.” To most people this is an immediately attractive statement; and it’s worth thinking about why that should be.

The Fractured Workplace And Its Remedies: Chapter 2

2. The standard model of work: a clinical diagnosis

The way in which work itself is understood and organized will, for better or worse, largely determine the human character of the workplace. In this chapter I will argue that the model of work that dominates modern workplaces is a vestigial oddity, now over a century old, that is incapable of meeting the demands of modern life, is wasteful of human capabilities, and is damaging to human well-being.

Publication: “Sustainability in Australian business: fundamental principles and practice”

Here is a little book I recently wrote for Wiley, on Sustainable Business, published in 2010.  The idea was to ‘map’ the emerging sustainable business space, and to connect it where possible to Australian business practice.  Wiley is distributing it in the Australasian market alongside its academic business textbooks. Here is the back cover summary: […]