The UK Uplands Entry Level Stewardship scheme

From the UK today comes a welcome report of a new funding scheme designed to support financially farmers who protect natural resources, wildlife and other environmentally-valued aspects of their land. Internationally these funding schemes are called Payments for Environmental Services.  Watersheds are a favourite application of these schemes.  The headwaters of rivers are often farmed, […]

New study documents further cooling effects of trees

The role of trees and forests as carbon sinks is well known.  Recent research indicates that trees may also have a direct effect in reducing global warming.  Scientists in the UK and Germany have discovered that some trees release a chemical that thickens clouds above them, thus increasing the action of clouds in reflecting incoming […]

Study supports organic agriculture in Africa

The agricultural biotechnology sector has been active in recent years in promoting their technology as the answer to world food shortages, whether these shortages are driven by price rises associated with futures speculation or by declining rainfall with climate change.  The willingness of the sector to overlook health and environmental risks in the pursuit of […]