Reflections on Flannery’s National Library lecture (part 2)

It is greatly to Flannery’s credit that, faced with daunting conclusions on this scale he habitually finds grounds for positive thinking and action. That was true of The Weather Makers which ended with a call to arms for household action, still one of the main fronts of climate strategy. In 2006, as the emerging data […]

News stories: sustainability issues

Here are some news stories, from interview and written for publication, that have appeared in local and national press recently, relating to sustainability policy. The first file reports a keynote address I gave to the peak local government. The second resulted from an interview with the Newcastle Herald in support of a community initative to […]

Reflections on Flannery’s National Library lecture (part 1)

A few days ago I listened to a radio replay of the Kenneth Meyer lecture given recently at the Australian National Library by Dr Tim Flannery (webcast here). The topic was, of course, climate change. Flannery has been one of the most persuasive and articulate leaders of the international public discourse on climate change over […]