Sustainable business news Aug-Dec 2010


Recent sustainable business news

Even after the Nike sweatshop scandals, high profile UK companies, including Gap, Next and Marks & Spencer have been reported as continuing these practices in India–with pay rates as low as 25 cents per hour. Ecuador has proposed an innovative mechanism for making a national contribution to the control of carbon emissions.  It proposes […]

Sustainability news items

Here are some recent sustainability news items I’ve been tracking: Emergence of Roundup-resistant weeds: Decline of North American bee populations: Climate science defence in open letter: Climate policy shift: working behind emissions reduction: A fishery conservation success story: North Sea cod

Ian Lowe’s “A Big Fix”

-1- One of the more unexpected legacies of the Howard era has been the emergence of a coterie of genuine public intellectuals; or rather, people who think for a living and have decided, because of the urgency of the times, to enter the more open eras of public discourse. They have, in fact, created a […]

Conservation industry: published article

Here is an article I recently co-authored with CSIRO researchers, entitled “A conservation industry for sustaining natural capital and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes’, which appear in the February 2010 issue of ‘Ecological Economics’.  It is a broad survey of the literature pertaining the the conditions needed for a conservation industry to evolve.  The abstract […]