Sustainable business news & articles November 2011  A challenging view of CSR.  David Lynch interview.  Data limitations on wind-farm projects.  Climate change a species size variations.  Water releases and river ecology.  Germany achieves 20% renewable power by subsidising solar.  Australian biodiversity hotspot no. 2: eastern forests.  Rapid rise in GHG in 2010.  […]

Sustainable business news and articles October 2011  Mapping ice retreat.  Further documentation of Arctic ice retreat, in Canada.  Exxon supports a carbon tax, vs ETS.  An intelligent commentary on racism and free speech.  Fuji Xerox’s CSR successes.  Climate change and worldwide forest decline.  More evidence of illegal activities by Shell in Nigeria.  EU question […]

Sustainable business news and articles September 2011 The environmental fallout from genetically modified soybean. Sophisticated ancient tools in Kenya. The US administration’s record on the environment is dismal. Documenting Greenland glacier melt. UNEP study on agriculture and environmental services. Ray Anderson obituary. The Coral Sea as a […]