SEC pressured to mandate financial disclosure of climate risk

An important initiative has been launched by Ceres and Environmental Defense to petition the US Securities and Exchange Commission to require companies to disclose the risks that climate change may pose to their financial results. Ceres and Environmental Defense are non-profit organisations which attempt to bring together investor groups, environmental organisations and investment funds to […]

Ian Lowe’s ‘Quarterly Essay’ on climate change and the nuclear option

Ian Lowe’s Quarterly Essay entitled Reaction Time: Climate Change and the Nuclear Option is a well-informed, well-reasoned and timely contribution to the current debate. He brings an unusual level of credibility to the debate. He is an engineer and physical scientist by training, with a doctorate in physics, and currently emeritus professor of science, technology […]

NSW emissions trading scheme under pressure

It’s perhaps not widely known, even in Australia, that the state of New South Wales has been running one of the longest-running and largest emissions trading schemes in the world, the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme. The overview of the scheme is presented as follows: ‘GGAS commenced on 1 January 2003 in NSW and on 1 […]

Wind power for corporate operations

Wind power has always been somewhat controversial, on economic, landscape and wildlife grounds. This has been particularly true in the UK, where a well-established countryside movement has resisted what they see as a decline of landscape amenity with windfarms. As the technology has advanced, however, the economics of wind power are becoming much more persuasive. […]

The biofuel weed

It is increasingly being realised, as discussed in previous posts, that biofuels are incentivising damaging clearing practices in developing countries. Here is a report on a plant which has been a weed, but which now shows promise of biofuel potential that doesn’t involve such damage. Jatropha curcus, also known as Ratanjyot or Jangli erandi, is […]